Hi there.

“Fitting God in” is a common theme many of us feel today.  Work, relationships, parent, kids, social media, binge watching the last three seasons of the latest Netflix series … we have less and less time for spending time in the Word and reflecting on how it is still appropriate today.

Miafede (Italian for “My Faith”) is dedicated to exploring how God continues to work in each of our lives.  I’ll post regularly – sometimes more regularly than others – offering honest perspectives on matters of faith and life.

I hope you will visit often and share your own thoughts!

About me:

I’m a technology industry professional and lover of all things music, art, food, reading, and conversation. Basically just a traveler in this faith journey with brothers and sisters who believe we are not alone and seek a closer union with God and each other.

Priorities: Faith, Family, Friends, with a nod and a wink at the career thing. Aficionado of oysters, champagne, hot dogs, icing, and bacon.

Passions: Trust, Love, Faith, cooking, family, music, and worn sneakers.

Raised in Nashville, my wife Rene and I now call Austin, Texas home.

Find me anytime at robin.d.green@gmail.com!